Monday, December 10, 2007

Charlie's Brown Ale

Yup, Reece named it. I was a little nervous doing this for the first time on my own, but everything seems to have turned out OK, so far.

The grain going into the mashtun on top of the strike water. The water was 169 degrees and after the grain went in I hit my temp of 154 perfectly.

My first mash!

The first runnings were very clear thanks to the 1" wire hose braid. I still recycled about 4 times because I may be a little anal retentive!

Into the Binford 9000 boil kettle. ;-)

My son ready to stir in the first addition of hops once we get to a boil. Thanks to the Binford 9,000 outdoor burner that I got from Home Depot, that didn't take long at 150,000 BTU.

After 30 minutes of chilling the wort was at 79 degrees. Perfect for putting into the fermenter.

5 minutes of shaking the carboy to aerate. Pitched the yeast at 70 degrees. A few more good shakes and it was into the closet with the fermentation lock and blow off tubing.

Now, all I have to do is wait about two weeks to allow the yeast to consume the sugar and turn this wort into beer!

Monday Morning update - I didn't have time to make a yeast starter, still the beer is fermenting slightly this morning. Yeah!