Monday, February 25, 2008

The little Hefeweizen that did!


This is one good brew. Tastes of banana and clove. Just like a German Hefeweizen should. Very reminiscent of a dunkleweizen with more of a yeast profile. Very good if I do say so myself. It still tastes a bit young, but should be full of flavor by this weekend!

OK, so here's the setup that I have now:

Not pictured is the CO2 tank sitting outside the fridge. I ran the gas hose from the regulator into the fridge following the water-in line for the water dispenser/ice maker.

Here is the keg inside the fridge with 5 gallons of goodness inside!

Up next: I hope to be brewing a pale ale this Saturday!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Little Hefeweizen that Could

Alright, so things are starting to look up in my world of brewing.

First my wife let me turn the bottom half of our garage fridge into a kegorator of sorts! Second, the Hefe tastes like a very good, flat beer! It as kegged at 5 AM this morning and will be "force carbed" for 7-10 days using the "set it and forget it" method.

Here's the specs on the beer:


Grain Bill:
6.5 Lbs Wheat
4.5 Lbs 2-Row

0.5 Oz Hallertauer @ 60 minutes

WLP300 - White Labs Hefeweizen

OG 1.042
FG 1.010
%AL 4.192

3 Weeks
67 Degrees

7 - 10 Days
40 Degrees
12 PSI

So, this brew should be ready to drink between 2-26 - 2-29. Tasting notes to follow!