Saturday, January 31, 2009

Some New Toys

I haven't been brewing lately, but I have been busy building some new toys. Brad (Mark's friend) bought my old brew kettles so i made a couple of new ones.

I bought a couple of straight sided kegs because they look better and they're easier to handle than the old "barrel" type of kegs (Coors Light). The HLT is on the left and the boil kettle is on the right. And, oh yeah, I bought a new wort chiller too!

The new HLT has a thermometer and a sight gauge built in as well as the spigot. I put the thermometer in so that I wouldn't have to keep reaching over a boiling pot of water to put the thermo in. The sight gauge was put in so that I don't have to measure out my water in a 3 gallon pot - I can go straight from HLT to mashtun.

Here's a close-up of the HLT.

Here's a hint for what's up next.